Terms & Conditions

I. Term and Condition Introduction

      To connect to the whole world Bayonbooking.com tries to produce the modern digital technology to assist the traveler. Bayonbooking.com provides travelers with modern world selection of hotel booking, flight ticket booking, and tour package booking. We committed to provide the best services to our clients. So whether traveling for trip or business the traveler can enjoy their online booking, easily and quickly with Bayonbooking.com. Bayonbooking.com provides trust of service to the customer, that we provide international transaction by using E-money (Visa Card and Master Card), without booking fees and we promise to price match, professional customer service assistant, working 24/7 anytime day or night and we work closely to provide all necessary information to our customers.

II. Services, Prices-payment

  • a)  Bayonbooking.com plays the very role to provide the online booking service to our clients.
  • b)  Bayonbooking.com ensuring that will provide all necessary services and protected system to all consumers.
  • c)  We permitted to provide you the secure booking system and safety standard to guarantee your privacy
  • d)  We give you the amazing booking service 24/7 support, whether you stay anywhere, anytime, you can enjoy your 24/7 booking. Our customer service will available to answer all your necessary needs.
  • e)  You have different choices to stay in the city. Bayonbooking.com provides you incredible of choices all in your hand.
  • f)  We don’t charge any administrative and booking fees.
  • g)  We committed to provide the special price and guaranteeing trust to our customer
  • h)  We provide instant confirmation all every reservation for secure your booking.
  • i)  Bayonbooking.com is obligated to perform the services ordered by any online booking transaction and customer is obligated to pay the hotel with the agreed price for these and other services reservation, this will apply to every online booking transaction.

III. Reservation, Cancellation and No Show

  • a)    Bayonbooking.com provide only the online booking transaction, for further responsible is the obligated of our supplier.
  • b)    We provide online booking transaction to the customer, in case if the customer selected the available room in Bayonbooking.com already, but when the customer arrived the staying place and that place not available for them (the room sale to other customers), so it means that is the obligation of our suppliers, they are obligated to respond in this case.
  • c)    By making a reservation with a Supplier, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of that Supplier, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the Supplier that may apply to your visit or stay. The general cancellation and no-show policy of each Supplier is made available on our Platform on the Supplier information pages during reservation process or you can contact supplier directly via email or telephone for the general cancellation and no-show policy of each Supplier.

IV. Customer’s liability

  • a)  The customer must be ensuring that their performance on our website is not illegal.
  • b)  The customer should be followed to term and condition and privacy policy of the website.
  • c)  The customer is liable for all damages to the hotel building and its equipment, which was caused by their performance. The hotel can demand appropriate securities from the customer to protect against exposure to liability.
  • d)  Defects, customer’s obligation to cooperate
  • e)  Should defects in the deliveries or services by the hotel arise or services are disrupted, the customer is to inform the hotel about this immediately after it is identified so that the hotel is able to remedy the fault as quickly as possible.
  • f)  If this is not possible because of the nature of the defect/disruption or other compelling reasons, notification of defects must in each case be made to the hotel on the return of the rooms at the latest. The customer is obligated to keep damages arising to it as low as possible.

V. Last-minute of Bayonbooking.com

Bayonbooking.com has been established in August 2017. Bayonbooking.com under the exclusive right of Mom Varin Invest Co., Ltd. Mom Varin Investment is the leading legal company that registers as a private limited company in corporate at the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) of the Kingdome of Cambodia by the registration No. 00017873.

Bayonbooking.com will be the leading online reservation booking that we permitted to provide better service of online booking in Cambodia to the whole world. Our mission is to provide the best standard of living and try to connect Cambodia into the world globalization. We start to change and provide the modern technology for our people to adopt the world modernization. Bayonbooking.com will play a very important role to provide the modernization and technology revolution apply to the living conditions of Cambodian citizen and connect them to the world development.

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